Purse Pride

father and daughter with purses
father and daughter pose with their purses

Unsurprisingly, we get many visitors to our stores that are in town visiting the Mayo Clinic.  This afternoon was no exception.  A sweet teenaged girl was trying to determine if she had enough money to buy a Mary Frances camera purse.  (She has amazing taste!) Much to her dismay, it was a wee bit out of her price range.  Easily in love with every other purse she laid her eyes on, it was so heartwarming to watch her eagerly shop and land with delight on something within her budget.

While perusing the store, she freely shared her experiences at the clinic (she was between appointments) including fascinating details of her latest test where she was left hanging upside down!  Full of life and clearly loved and adored by proud parents – we think this young lady is headed to a career in fashion!  Here she is with dad.  (Clearly also a lover of purses … or perhaps just a good carrying sport!)

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